Remedies for Hair fall

Losing hair is a very common problem. It is a genetic problem and may also cause from some weaknesses. It happens as a routine that after getting up every next morning, people see their pillows covered with hair. Here are some tips to cure hair fall.

Excess use of chemicals leads towards hair fall. People use different chemicals for style and hair growth but in return get trapped in problem of hair fall. Lessen the use of chemicals like hair gel, hair sprays, conditioners and shampoos. Dying hair is also one of the causes of hair fall. Keep gap of 6 to 7 weeks in two successive hair colors.

Eat healthy food rich in iron, proteins and vitamins. Provide your body with all necessary salts, minerals and other nutrients. If you are careless for your diet, first impact will be shown on your nails and hair before you feel weaknesses in other parts of your body. Vitamin A and E are considered the best to cure hair fall.

One more important and very common cause of hair loss is hair styling. People go to salons and professionals for hair cuts for different hair styles to look mode and stylish. Setting the hair in their opposite directions make them weak and then hair fall starts.

Use of hair gadgets also dry your hair and cause hair fall. People use blow dryer in routine that is very dangerous for health of hair. Let your hair dry in open air if you are not in hurry.

Use pillow covers having less friction as they will be not so harsh for hair and you will prevent hair loss.

If you have excess hair loss problem then consult some doctor to prevent further hair loss. A person even with heavy and healthy hair will lose 50-100 hair in a day and this range is considered as normal. If your hair fall beyond this limit you need to consult some doctor and take medications.


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