How to Eliminate Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are the lines or bunch of wrinkles that appears on the outer corners of eyes as skin ages or loses elasticity. These lines often become more prominent during laughing or smiling or any other facial expression due to eye squinting over time. Skin around the eyes is very thin therefore it loses freshness more quickly and tends to wrinkle more easily. You often think that the surgery is only its best solution to get rid of them but it’s not. There are varieties of anti-aging methods and by using them you can easily deal with them. Here are some natural tips to reduce or eliminate crow’s feet and track back to youthful facial appearance.

Message Your Forehead

Your forehead is a major contributor for crow’s feet so you should target your forehead first to eliminate crow’s feet. Message your forehead with your finger tips from left to right for about 30 seconds and after that message in circular motion for another 30 seconds. This process strengthened your muscles and you feel energy flowing in your forehead.

Eye Exercise

Simple eye exercises for short period of time are ideal for eliminating crow’s feet. A very simple exercise is simply opening and closing your eyes. Open your eyes wide for 3 seconds and then close them tightly again for 3 seconds. Do this exercise repeatedly for ten times. A good time for message and exercise is either just before going to bed or right after you wake up. After some time you will notice a decrease in crow’s feet around your eyes.

Drink Plenty of Water

Moisture is very necessary for softness of your skin and it will also soften fine lines and eliminate the appearance of crow’s feet. Drinking plenty of water is natural way to restore moisture to your skin. Drinking water is not only good for crow’s feet around eyes but it help to reduce the wrinkles and keep the entire face free from wrinkles. You can also apply moisturizing eye cream to wrinkled area. You should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun and use sun protection creams to eliminate signs of over aging.


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