Ideas to Remove Odor from Foot and Shoe

It seems to be very embarrassing when you remove your shoes and look the people stand back. Even if the people are too polite and kind that they don’t say anything, then their facial expressions and distance tell you a lot. Odor problem is very common among people and if you are suffering from foot odor then it is not an accidental happening. The material of shoes restrict the flow of air in shoes and when the people wear them for long time in a day the shoes become wet as a result of sweats which cause foot odor. There are various ideas to deal with bad odor feet and shoe that can help to remove and prevent odor in future.

  • Wash your feet twice in a day with an antibacterial soap to eliminate bacteria and odor from your feet. Use warm water and rinse your feet well. Properly dry your feet with a clean dry towel before putting on socks and shoes.
  • Use neat cotton socks and replace them daily after bath because cotton socks let more air passage to your feet and help in elimination of odor. If you are going to wash your socks then add a cup of white vinegar to rinse cycle during washing to eliminate odor.
  • Take a tub and fill it with hot water then add 5-10 tea bags into it and put your feet into the tub. Let your feet to soak into water for 30 minutes. Tannin in tea is best to prevent perspiration which is major contribution in odors.
  • Daily change your shoes to allow air out from shoes and put baking soda into those shoes which you are not wearing to absorb moisture and odors. For this purpose you can purchase 2-3 pairs of shoes. If you don’t want to mess with baking soda later then you can fill two clean socks with baking soda and stuff them into shoes. You can also use small amount of baby powder instead of baking soda for shoes and you can also rub it on dry feet.
  • Read and follow manufacturing information for cleaning and care of shoes. Wash them with warm soapy water and clean clothe or put them into machine if possible. Set your shoes in cool and dry place or outside especially in sunny day to eliminate odor because sunshine is a great way to kill odors.

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