Tips to Make French Braid

French braid is in fashion for long times and is still in fashion. Different styles of French braids are made. Here are some useful tips to make French braid. Follow the tips and try to French braid your hair. You can also apply different accessories to make your hair for a party:

  • Make French braid with dry hair. It is better to make French braid after shampooing and drying.
  • Apply some gel or mousse to hair for smoother look of braid.
  • Divide a small section of hair from where you want to start braiding and make three segments of selected hair to start braid.
  • Comb each section smoothly.
  • Then cross the right hand section over the middle section and then tighten the plate.
  • Cross the left section over the braid and the left hand section will become the middle section.
  • Keep all the plaits tighten with every cross.
  • After one cross from left and one from right then it is the time to cross the right section again over the middle section. In this cross add some additional hair in the right section and then cross. Use comb tail for picking the additional hair.
  • How much hair to select with each turn depends on strength of your hair.
  • Keep practicing the same steps by crossing the alternate right and left sections over the middle sections and keep your plaits tight.
  • Put hair-safe ponytail on the end of the braid and add accessories to braid to look more stylish.

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