Home Pedicure Tips

Like hands, nails of feet also need proper care and attention. Many people go to professional beauticians for pedicure but now you don’t need to make extra expenses in beauty salon as here you will be provided with best tips to do pedicure at home for feet care. Follow the tips given below:

  • When you start pedicure, first of all remove your nail polish. Soak the cotton band in acetone and remove the old nail polish.
  • Cut your nails leaving 1/8th of the nails length. File the nails around the corners in one direction to smooth the nails.
  • Take a flat bottom bowl and fill it with warm water. Add some bath salts to it and soak your feet in this water. You can also add some shampoo in the warm water.
  • Add one cup of milk in the water and keep your feet soaked in that water. It will loosen the dead cells.
  • Clean your heels with brush. You can also take a cloth to clean the under feet skin and in the fingers.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly and apply some cream on your feet.
  • You can use acetone to remove extra oil from your nails.
  • Let your feet and nails dry then wear shoes.

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