How to Use Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are used to make curly hair in to silky and smooth style in few minutes. For this process the things you need are hair straightener, comb, round brush and heat protection serum

Step 1

While selecting a straightener for your hair always go for ceramic straighteners because metal straighteners are a cheaper than the ceramic one but they can damage your hair so easily.

Step 2

If you dry your hair with blow dryer, then start drying your hairs from downwards and brush properly while you are drying. Use heat protective serum to avoid damage hair by the straighteners.

Step 3

Hair straighteners will require few minutes to heat up so go after the     manufacturer’s instructions. Put them on a non-flammable area while they are heating.

Step 4

Tie most of your hair up, parting one manageable section. Select some part of hair and put it in the straighteners. Start from the root, and slowly go down towards ends. Continue this procedure until the hair straightens. Straighten the hair section wise to rest of your hair. Use comb that will straighten your hair better

Step 5

Use shine spray or lock out lotion for prefect hair styling.


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