Tattoo Ideas for Girls

All women have different traits and preferences. Their bodies have smaller frames and more curves as compared to men. Therefore tattoo designs are also different for men and women. Here is description on some famous tattoo styles and designs.

These deigns are quite popular among girls. These designs best suit their primal lines and edges. Tattoo designs based on American, Indian or other tribes are great designs for girls. Tattoos with butterflies, stars or flowers are great choice for girls. Some girls also like to have tattoos of different cute animals like fish, swallows dolphins. Some girls with innocent choices also like to have tattoos of fairies, dolls, angels and some other winged creatures.

Besides the selection of best design to make tattoo, selection of right area for tattoo is also of greater importance. Here is some information about the right and most suitable places on body for girls to make tattoos.

Tattoos on tailbone or lower back area for tattoo are considered to get sexiest look. Tailbone area in women’s body is the sexiest part. Tattoo on this part of body is great chance to make a sexiest appeal.

Tattoos on girl’s ankles or feet look very nice. This place is good for smaller tattoos. Tattoos on girl’s inner side of wrists are also a great idea. Girls can easily hide these tattoos when needed. Some girls like tattoos on arms or upper back. It is the most common place to make tattoos. It depends upon the choice of girls to select best place and design for tattoos. Here are some sample designs of tattoos for girls.


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