Treatments of Sunburn

Sunburn is a very painful problem of summer season. People having fair skin are higher prone to get sunburn more than darker skinned people. Here are some useful and easy home remedies for treatment of sunburn.

You can have different types of burns for instance one type of sunburn is that your skin gets red and you feel pain. Next degree of sunburn is that you have water bubbles with red skin and pain. Next sewer degree of sunburn is that you have patches of white skin. It is the most dangerous problem of skin. If you are having this level of sunburn you should consult your physician immediately.

First two levels of sunburns can be treated using the home remedies shared below:

  • You can treat sunburn by placing cool compresses to the damaged skin. Avoid placing oil based products on burns. Oil based products on burns cause infections.
  • Take cool shower but avoid taking cold shower. Add some vinegar to water before taking shower. It will give you relief from sunburns.
  • Take roots section off the plant “Touch Me Not” and chop them into the blender. It will take out the itch.
  • Calamine lotion is also very useful to get relief from itch.
  • Potatoes are also very useful in getting relief from sunburn. Take potatoes and wash them. Cut them into small pieces and blend them. Juice of potatoes will take out all stings and itch from the damaged skin and give you relief.
  • Oatmeal pack is also very common and considered as best home remedy for treatment of sunburns. Let the cooked oatmeal become cool and apply the cold oatmeal on the sunburn and again take a shower to remove it.
  • Use Aloe Vera to add moisture to the burns.

Follow the above mentioned tips and get relief from sunburns.


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