Effects of Bleaching in Less Age

Bleaching is a process that changes color of unwanted hair on skin into skin color. Many women undergo this bleaching process to lighten hair color on their body. Bleaching process is not so difficult and mostly women perform it by themselves. Different bleaching kits are available in market. Every bleaching kit contains a bleach mixture in form of cream with an activator. To apply bleaching cream you need to mix suitable quantities of cream and activator in a non-metallic bowl. Before applying bleach cream on your skin, you should try on smaller part of your skin to check whether it is itching or irritating or not. If so then continue the bleaching process.

Bleaching is not suitable for all people specially people below 20. Bleaching has different side effects for people with less age. Here is information about harmful effects of bleaching on your skin if you are less than 20:

  • If you are below 20 years, then you are not able to bear any chemical reactions on your skin. Bleaching creams contain peroxide related chemicals that can act harsh on your skin. Chemicals in bleach cream will react both positively and negatively on your skin. Its positive effect will be change in color of hair on your skin and negatively it will harm skill cells. If you feel positive effects then continue this process otherwise leave it.
  • Bleaching causes intense itching that means bleach is working well. It is working positively if itching disappears after washing your face but it is very common in people that their skin becomes red, irritated, inflames and dark marks appear on their skin after washing bleach cream. People with such sensitive skin should avoid use of bleach cream.
  • People with dark skin complexion will see a change in their skin after bleaching but this change is very temporary for few hours.
  • Skin darkening can be one of the harmful effects of bleaching.
  • Irritations and burns can appear on your skin after bleaching.
  • You skin will be damaged if you keep for more than the time prescribed.
  • Bleaching in age below 20 can also cause pimples on your skin if you practice this method often.
  • It damages not only external part of your skin but your internal skin is also damaged.

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