Highlighting Your Hair

Style conscious people love changes in hair styles. Adding colors to hair is one of the most common methods selected by people especially women. Females add colors to their hair in different styles like they give new color to all hair or highlight some hair with light colors. Highlighting hair is also known as streaking the hair. Here are some useful tips to highlight your hair or adding streaks to your hair.

  • Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo but remember to shampoo your hair the day before you want to color your hair.
  • Make it sure that expiry date of hair color has not crossed and don’t store the leftover mixture for later use.
  • Use gloves and brushes for effective results. You can get these accessories from any supply store.
  • You are advised to start coloring your hair from back of your head to the front side to avoid smearing the color on your forehead.
  • Only take top layer of hair for highlighting.
  • It is best to use tight gloves and use your fingers for highlighting.
  • Take some bleach solution and dip your fingers in that solution and rung them through your hair. Leave for specified time and then rinse, shampoo and condition your hair properly.
  • Half-head streaking can be done using foil paper or streaking caps with holes in it. Using the foil paper, bleach the selected strand of hair and wrap them up in the foil paper. Place the foil paper close to the hair line.
  • Whole head hair streaking gives a blonde effect.
  • You can also use dark color for hair streaking.

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