Side Effects of Hair Color/Dye

Every beauty treatment shows its effects on health either positive or negative. Almost all cosmetics are manufactured using chemicals that affect skin and health. Using hair dye is becoming a trend and people opt for hair highlighting and hair color without thinking of its negative effects. Many people are interested in changing color of their hair using hair dyes. Highlighting the hair is generally performed by using a bleaching agent on selected strands or the hair that can cause different harms to hair and skin. Here is short description on side effects of hair color:

  • Skin irritation is one of the main problems caused by hair colors. Skin problems due to hair colors include burning sensation, itching, redness and discomfort. Stop using hair color if you find any of these problems with hair color you use. To prevent skin problems, you are advised to test hair color on small patch of your skin.
  • An allergic reaction is also one of the side effects of hair colors. Usually hair colors/dyes contain allergic sensitizers like PPD and some other harsh chemicals that can cause itching and other allergic problems including swelling, scalp puffiness and difficulty in breathing. Some low quality hair colors also cause skin cancer, hay fever etc.
  • Excess of everything is bad. Many people like to change their hair color within days to look stylish and trendy but they don’t care of their hair’s health. Excessive use of hair color and chemicals of hair dyes cause hair breakage. If you use hair color, you should use hair conditioner regularly.
  • Hair, skin and nails need same type of proteins. While coloring, certain patches of discolored skin can develop that can be prevented with special care.

You are advised to use branded hair color product and follow all precautionary measures advised by manufacturer.


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