Great Homemade Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

Are you a woman and have crossed age of 30 years? Are you worried for aging factors and see its signs? Some common aging effects include fine lines around eyes or faint laugh lines etc. In this age of fashion and style all women even men have become dam conscious for their appearance especially aging of their skin. Women start looking old earlier than men therefore mostly women seem anxious for aging effects. Here I want to share some great homemade and easy to use anti aging treatments that will make you all look younger. You can follow these tips within short times and spending no extra money for these treatments. You will not need to spend thousands of dollars for going through the medical treatments for young skin with these treatments. Most of effective anti aging products are found in your kitchen. Follow these tips and maintain your younger look for more years:


Potatoes have exceptional anti aging effects. They can give you an instant face lift and are best to wipe off the tan and fine wrinkles from your skin. Take a potato and cut it in two slices and put each slice on your eyes for 10 minutes.

For face treatment, take a potato of medium size and two tbsp of apple sauce and grind them together to make a fine mixture. Apply this mixture on your face for 15 to 25 minutes and wash away with farm water. It will make the skin glow from inside and look fresher.


Vitamin supplements are best for your skin and can improve texture of your skin. To cure your skin and get rid of aging effects, you need to include vitamin supplements in your diet. You can also use some vitamins directly on your skin to boost up the results.

Make a mixture of tomato puree and lentil flour of equal quantities. Add half tbsp of lemon juice and half inch turmeric powder in the mixture and make a paste. It will prove best anti aging remedy. Apply this paste on your face twice a week for best results.


Take a ripe papaya and mash it to apply on your face for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and use little moisturizer to freshen your skin. If you cannot get ripe papaya you can substitute this remedy with banana for similar results.


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