Homemade Tips for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Condition of your hands depends on time you give to your hands. Usually manual workers and housewives don’t give proper time to their hands. Direct exposure to all weather effects including temperature, climate, frequent wetting, and dealing with harsh chemicals and overwork routine affects beauty of your hands. You should develop a habit to give frequent manicure to your hands at least once a week. Proper care of your hands will help your hand to combat annoying problems including chipping, splitting, peeling and cracking. To learn proper method of manicure at home follow the link mentioned here “Manicure at Home”.

Here is a collection of great tips to take proper care of hands. Adopt these tips and methods and make habit to treat your hands with much care once a week.

Hands Massage

Hands massage costs nothing. To stimulate blood circulation in your hands, rub your palm of one hand to back of other hand and then repeat this treatment with other hand. This movement of your hands is best to keep your hands warm.

Get Silky and Soft Hands

Lavish on your hands before you go to bed with Vaseline or any moisturizing cream. Wear a pair of gloves for better effects. You will get up with incredibly soft hands in morning.

Other Tips:

  • Apply olive oil or coconut oil on your hands.
  • Apply mixture of cucumber juice and glycerin on your hands.
  • Mix equal quantities of lime juice and olive oil and apply on your hands.
  • Take tomato juice, glycerin and lime juice in equal proportions and apply this paste on your hands every night.
  • Massage your hands with mixture of orange juice and honey.
  • Mix 1 tsp glycerin, 1 tsp lemon juice and 5 drops of rose water and apply the mixture on your hands in daily routine.
  • Soak your hands in warm olive oil and massage your hand with olive oil.
  • Wear gloves while working in laundry, kitchen and garden and give proper time to your hands.
  • Moisturize your hands at least four times a day.
  • To treat rough hands, take 1 tsp of sugar and lemon juice. Rub the palms till sugar dissolves in movement like washing your hands.

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