Rose Water and Skin Care

Rose water is of greater importance and used for numerous purposes including aromatherapy and in different recipes. Rose water is also used for bathing for its sweet fragrance. With deep study on rose water, it is now used as very important ingredient in beauty products and procedures and considered as best for skin care. It gives tremendous skin toning effects. It has anti-bacterial and anti-septic qualities for which it serves best in several skin remedies. Here is information about most common uses of rose water.


Rose water is considered as best for treating wrinkles on skin and it tightens the loose skin of face. You can prepare rose water toner by mixing rose water in witch hazel in 5:1 proportion (5 parts of rose water and one part of witch hazel). Add one spoon of glycerin in this mixture. Store this toner in dark colored bottle and use for natural beauty.

Skin Cleaners

Mixture of rose water and glycerin serves as best skin cleaner. Rose oil contains anti-inflammatory properties of rose that is best for reducing aging effects and it removes fine lines from skin. To get benefit of rose water, pour some rose water on cotton ball and use it to clean your face. Avoid using hard towel after cleansing with rose water.


Rose water cleans the skin and prevents growth of bacteria that later on prevents acne and other skin infections. Spraying rose water on infected skin sooths itching and burning due to sunburn.


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  1. While searching for natural remedies I could not have guessed rose water was so beneficial. Thank you.


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