Flat Stomach Exercises

There are number of exercises that can be done to reduce weight and most of these exercises are very effective. Different levels of exercises help individuals to control weight. Success of an exercise depends on the rate of metabolism. Breathing exercise is becoming very common these days and people are adopting this exercise as a study has revealed that breathing exercises are best to increase rate of metabolism.

Breathing exercises are best to reduce weight and make an individual healthy. There are different breathing exercises that can be performed either in the supervision of a trainer or without any help. Yoga breathing exercises not only give spiritual benefits but they also give an advantage to loss weight.

Leg lifting is a very beneficial exercise to loss weight and to reduce belly fats. To do this exercise one should lie flat on his back on the ground with hands on sides and both palms should face on the ground. Bend the both knees and keep the feet flat on the floor. Now one leg should be lifted until the calf comes parallel to the ground shin towards ceiling. Keep the other leg on the floor and lower abdominal tightened so that the lower back may not arch while lifting the leg. Bring first leg back to its initial position and lift the other leg and repeat the procedure with this leg. Repeat the procedure for desired number of times.

This exercise is bets to remove excess fats in body and also helps to improve the look. Here is a video of alternate leg lifting exercise with special instructions. See the video and try the same.


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