Cosmetic Procedures for Nose to Mouth Lines

Premature aging begins with some signs and nose to mouth lines or nasal labial are at top in these signs. Usually these signs appear in age of 30s to 40s. It happens because skin loses its elasticity and collagen and skin falls that result in these lines. These expressions are lifetime and get deeper with age.

Cheekbones have their plump appearance because of malar pad of fat. This slacks and sags with growing age. Here I am going to share some procedures that will help you to correct these nasal labial folds.

Surgical correction of nose to mouth lines or folds is usually the result of a facelift. In this procedure, sagged skin along with the malar fad pad are pulled in upward direction and placed over the cheekbones to get the look of more youthful plumper face.

There are several options to correct the nose to mouth lines by non-surgical procedures. You can use some soft tissue fillers such as Restalyn and others. You can achieve plumper appearance. These soft tissues fillers are injected at the area to be corrected for instance nasal labial case. It lifts the sagging skin and pulls the nasal labial upward.

Some other non-invasive procedures include are laser or light therapies. They work to make the skin tight. Its results are like a facelift without the downtime. Threads or sutures are injected in the part of skin to be treated. No matter what procedure you decide, make sure to do some extensive search to pick the best one for you. You need to consider budget, time constrains and other factors.


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