Healthy Fall Skin Care Tips

Fall season brings in fresh energy. Skin needs more care and maintenance in fall season as it can become excessively oily or dry depending on your skin type. I am going to share set of special instructions to be followed in rainy season.

  • Make sure to maintain habit or regular skin cleansing, toning and exfoliating.
  • Use homemade facial cleansers or use a face wash that has alpha hydroxyl acid. This ingredient helps to make your skin fresh. Don’t use it more than once a day.
  • Don’t moisturize your skin.
  • You should use non-water based moisturizer to prevent effects of dilution of cream in rainy season.
  • It will be good to use homemade skin exfoliating pack once a week.
  • Press garlic paste on your acne affected skin for 15 minute and wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Make sure to allow your skin breath freely. You should pamper with fruit pack after three days.
  • Make your full body dry after taking shower.
  • Don’t rub skin too hard while drying.
  • Avoid too much makeup.
  • Use waterproof cosmetics for makeup.
  • It will be good to take hot water bath before going to bed.
  • Add dry fruits in your daily diet to enhance your body resistance.
  • Get pedicure and manicure to remove dead skin from hands and feet.
  • Don’t wear closed shoes with tight sox as it will make your feet moist.
  • Maintain your skin dry with homemade scrub. To make this scrub, take one tablespoon of rice flour, one tablespoon of rose water, one table spoon of cucumber juice and one tablespoon of sandalwood powder. Cover full face and neck with this scrub and wash it off after it gets dry.

Follow all these tips and let your skin enjoy natural showers with your mind and soul.


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