How to Perm Your Hair?

Perms in hair look gorgeous and many women go for permanent perms. It is a chemical hair treatment that can be used to add curls in hair. This treatment can result in split ended and lifeless hair therefore you should be very careful before getting this treatment. Here is a set of instructions that you should follow before adding perms to your hair:

  • It is very important to determine kind of perm you should get according to your hair condition. Talk to your stylist about the style of perm you want and seek his/her instructions.
  • To perm your hair, split your hair into four equal sections. Take a rod to make perms. Many types of rods are available in market fro making different styles of perms.
  • Tightness of curl will depend on size of rod and tightness of the wrap and the time for which you will allow the perm solution to stay on your hair.
  • Wrap your hair around the rod and start from bottom to upward.
  • Avoid bunching your hair around the rod.
  • Apply the perm solution beginning at the scalp as it makes your perms stay longer in your hair. Carefully massage the perm solution in all your hair.
  • You are advised to keep the solution at correct temperature. Leave the perm solution in your hair for the amount of time needed to get desired effects.
  • Now rinse the perm solution out of your hair thoroughly. It is of vital importance to get rid of all the solution.
  • Apply a neutralizing solution to reform broker protein in your belly.
  • Hold your hair upside down and make sure that towel will damage your old perms. It will take 24 hours for setting your perms. Comb your hair when perms are not blot.
  • Now you need no care to maintain your perms for the time you don’t want.

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