Pluck Eye Brows in the Way

Shape of your eyebrows adds to the beauty of your eyes. Different shapes of eyebrows include arched, squinted, curved and many more. People get their eyebrows shaped according to shape of their face and naturally grown hair on eyebrows. Shape of eyebrows is very important as well as neatly-tweezed also says a lot about personality of a women. Here are some special tips for you to pluck your eyebrows according to your face.

  • First of all you need to decide shape of your eyebrows that you want on your face. If you are going to pluck for the first time then use a pencil to mark the desired shape and start plucking according to that shape.
  • Before you start plucking, you need some accessories to keep with you that are mirror, thread, tweezers and talcum powder. Selection of place is also important. Select the place where you can see all tiny hair clearly. The tweezers which you select must have strong grip on hair so that it may pluck hair from roots. Take small mirror with you to see what shape you have given to your eyebrows. One small mirror and one wall mirror is necessary to have close and far view of your eyebrow.

  • Wash your face with little warm water. It will soften your hair. Dry your face and dust your eyebrows with some talcum powder. Mark the desired brow line and start plucking.
  • I f you are plucking eyebrows of someone else then start plucking from mid of brows with thread but if you are doing your own plucking then start from ears side to center of eyes. Thread the forehead first of all and set the shape of eyebrows from upper side.
  • Keep the shape of both eyebrows same and don’t try to change the original shape. After getting plucked from a salon, use tweezers to pluck hair and prevent unwanted grow.
  • Stop the process several times and see in the mirror to make it sure that you are going right.
  • Pluck one hair at a time. After plucking both the eyebrows, take brow brush and comb your eyebrows and trim extra lengthy hair as much as you see, are suitable for rest of shape.
  • Best brow shape is having a slight arch not very straight and not too much curvy. Little arch looks cool on all facial shapes.
  • Pluck the hair in the direction they grow and don’t pluck too many hair at a time.
  • While plucking eyebrows of others, catch the skin tightly.

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