Makeup Mistakes That Age You

You have heard many times about beauty tips and tricks that make you look young. A lot of advertisements of cosmetics on television claim to give you younger look but these cosmetics will not work if you have morning routine that makes you older before you will actually become. There are several beauty mistakes that make people look older and add more years to their appearance. Here is information about most common makeup mistakes that add more years to your appearance.

Too Much Foundation Cream

Foundation is all about quality over quantity. Some people use heavy layers of foundation creams to cover their skin faults but in fact you create a thick mask that will make you look older than you are. Visit any makeup counter for proper advice. Foundation is an important part of your makeup therefore you should not opt for a cheaper one.

Lipstick Liner and Color

Lines around lips become prominent as we age. These lines give us perfect pathways for lipstick application. You should use lip liners to keep the lipstick in its place. Natural color of lip liner pencil will make barrier for lipstick to leave its position. Dark lip colors is a bad choice for all women as well as you should never sleep with lipstick on your lips. Natural colors and glosses are best for women of all ages.

Use of Too Much Powder

Powder is an excellent thing for taking away shininess but using too much powder will only accentuate your wrinkles. This effect will be more evident for dry skin types. Excessive use of powder will make the lighter skin lines appear larger than they are.

Use of Metallic Eye Shadow

Metallic cosmetic if not applied properly will affect your natural beauty. If it is applied close to lash line and around the inner corner of eye, it will brighten your eyes. Applying it high on your lid will only make the area and the problem area will become more prominent.

Applying Mascara and Liner on Lower Lash and Eyelid

If you want to apply mascara on your lower lash, you should do a thin coat. Applying too much mascara on lower lash will make the dark circles prominent and draw attention of others. Wearing too much makeup will make your eyes look swollen and smaller. To look younger, your eyes should look clear and open.


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