Pimple Removal Face Mask

If you look toward the active ingredients list of high quality skin care products then you will be surprised to see that the most of these products are available in your kitchen. Now you can imagine that you can save your money by making an inexpensive facial mask at home which is more effective and free from any chemical then ready made face mask. You can easily prepare acne-reduce face mask at home. The home made acne reduce mask help you to reduce acne, bad oils which cause pimples etc. This home made mask use two highly effective natural astringents such as fresh lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. You can keep this mask in refrigerator for about one week and this mask can be used on other area of skin where the breakouts may occur.

  • Take some rolled oats and lemon juice and put these ingredients in a blender to turn them into smooth and creamy paste.
  • Transfer all contents of blender in a small bowl and add apple cider vinegar into this mixture. Stir it thoroughly with the help of disposable stirrer or wooden spoon to mix it well.
  • Transfer all mixture into a sterilized glass jar and put the lid on the jar. Before first application put the jar in refrigerator to infuse over night. Stir well before use and all subsequent applications.
  • Apply this mask only on pimples and blemishes and let the mask fully dry before rinsing with light warm water.
  • Don’t store any type of home made mask in aluminum container because heavy metals can enter into body through pores.
  • Use this mask only once or twice a week and try to use fresh and organic ingredients for preparation of mask. Don’t leave the mask for more than recommended time.

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