How to Use Hair Straighter?

Hair straighter is a wonderful gift of technology for beauty conscious people to enhance their beauty. This machine works in a way that it straights the hair and give a new look. It has a very simple look and works like an iron. No doubt it gives new look to users but if used properly. If it is used very often without proper care, it can harm the original beauty of hair. Here are some useful tips to use hair straighter properly:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and condition them as a routine.
  • Apply serum to hair. For application of serum, spread serum on your palm, spread it and rub on hair thoroughly.
  • Blow dry your hair but don’t dry completely. To use straighter, you hair must be little wet.
  • It will be easy to straight short lengthy hair but if you have long hair then divide your hair in segments by using catchers or pins and take hair in small portions.
  • Select some hair and put them in hair straighter and move the straighter slowly.
  • Move the hair straighter from top to hair ends. Don’t stop while using straighter to avoid hair burning.
  • Repeat the procedure with every selected section of hair for 3-4 times for finest result.
  • Don’t wrap the wire around the straighter very after using it.
  • Check the wire from all sides to make it sure that its wire is not damaged from any side.
  • Put off the straighter and unplug it after using.
  • Follow the special instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent any mishap.

Using a hair straighter can surely give a new look but avoid using this machine as a routine as it will make your hair split ended but you can use it rarely to go in any party of function.


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