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How to Use Hair Straighter?

Hair straighter is a wonderful gift of technology for beauty conscious people to enhance their beauty. This machine works in a way that it straights the hair and give a new look. It has a very simple look and works like an iron. No doubt it gives new look to users but if used properly. If it is used very often without proper care, it can harm the original beauty of hair. Here are some useful tips to use hair straighter properly:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and condition them as a routine.
  • Apply serum to hair. For application of serum, spread serum on your palm, spread it and rub on hair thoroughly.
  • Blow dry your hair but don’t dry completely. To use straighter, you hair must be little wet.
  • It will be easy to straight short lengthy hair but if you have long hair then divide your hair in segments by using catchers or pins and take hair in small portions.
  • Select some hair and put them in hair straighter and move the straighter slowly.
  • Move the hair straighter from top to hair ends. Don’t stop while using straighter to avoid hair burning.
  • Repeat the procedure with every selected section of hair for 3-4 times for finest result.
  • Don’t wrap the wire around the straighter very after using it.
  • Check the wire from all sides to make it sure that its wire is not damaged from any side.
  • Put off the straighter and unplug it after using.
  • Follow the special instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent any mishap.

Using a hair straighter can surely give a new look but avoid using this machine as a routine as it will make your hair split ended but you can use it rarely to go in any party of function.

Tips for Fresh Eyes

Eyes are most important, sensitive and beautiful part of one’s face. Some people are blessed with fresh eyes with long lashes and awesome color of eyeball but some people try to look beautiful by using lenses and false lashes and different eye cosmetics. Eyes need much care and attention than all other parts of body. All people having or not having beautiful eyes must spend some time in tacking care of their eyes. Follow tips given below on regular basis:

  • Take proper sleep time and eat healthy food. Never forget to drink one cup of milk before going to bed.
  • After getting from bed, rinse cool and fresh water on your face and in your eyes. Drink plenty of water to look fresher. Wash your eyes with cold water 3-4 times a day.
  • Put some drops of rose water in your eyes before going to bed. It will help you to remove all dirt and germs from your eyes and you will get up with fresher eyes in morning.
  • If you have pure honey then put some honey with thin stick in your eyes like kajol and leave honey in your eyes for 10 minutes. It will clean your eyes.
  • If you are living with tough work routine and have to work in polluted areas or with computer screens then take a used tea bag and put it on your eyes for half an hour. It will reduce swelling of your eyes and heat.
  • Potato is very important for healthy eyes. Cut potato in round slices and put these potatoes on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.
  • Cucumber also plays very important role in eye care activities. Cut cucumber in slices and put them on your eyes and get relaxed for some time. You will feel better after removing them.
  • Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. Drink carrot juice and orange juice in summer season and do a lot for your eyes.
  • Change liquid of your lenses and go for proper treatment if you have an infection in your eyes. Apply lenses after much care. Put lenses in cold place and don’t let your lenses dry. If they cause irritation in your eyes, put off them and get a checkup from your doctor.

Easy Trim Battery Powered Personal Trimmer

Stray hair can be quite irritating especially when you want to attend some social gathering or going to have a date. Being invited on any special occasion, you will surely look for best beauty care. You may feel it as burden to go to best beautician for removing these stray hair and want to remove them at home yourself. Some people opt for depilatory creams that give very bad after effects or some people opt for waxing and other hair removing methods. Some of these methods are costly and some are difficult to do at home. Easy Trimmers by different beauty gadget companies that is best alternate to any other hair removal method within affordable cost.

Trimmer from Anids Company that is battery powered personal trimmer that is best to eradicate stray hair spotted. It is 4.5” long that is highly portable and can be kept in purse or travel bag. It works best to trim hair from nose, ears, eyebrows or any other place that requires quick trim. It is about the size of a lipstick. It comes with a protective cover that protects blades. It can be used to trim hair on difficult areas like moustache, nose or ears etc. It is just like a magic to shape eyebrows within seconds. You can use this gadget with confidence. Check warranty of the product before buying and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best use.

Curl Your Hair With Hair Straightener

Hair Straightener is not only used for ironing your hair but it can also be used to curl your hair. Here is a video clip that will make you learn that how you can curl your hair with a hair straightener. You can give different styles to your hair using this device.

Proper Use of Epilator

Many people seem anxious with unwanted hair on face and other body parts. To get rid of these unwanted hair people opt for different hair removing methods including waxing, hair removing creams, laser hair removal, shaving and use of epilator. Every hair removing method has different consequences either positive or negative. Some hair removing methods like shaving or creams cut hair from upper layer of skin and don’t stop hair growth but some methods like waxing or use of epilators slow down the hair growth and give long lasting results.

Any method used will give positive consequences if used properly. Here is useful discussion about proper use of epilators for hair removal with a set of instructions to use this device. Epilator is an electronic device that is introduced for easy hair removal. You don’t need to go for waxing to any professional or to surgeons for laser hair removal. It is very easy to use this device but to use it properly you need to follow the set of instructions shared below:

  • First of all you should read the instructions page provided with the product and follow them correctly. Different devices do their best when used according to instructions provided by manufacturers.
  • It is better to use epilator after taking hot bath. Hot bath will loosen the pores and it will become less painful to remove hair from roots.
  • Avoid using epilator on wet skin. Let your skin dry. It will be better to apply some talcum powder then use epilator.
  • It will work efficiently after taking bath as your skin will become oil free.
  • If you are going to try epilator for first time then start from your legs then move towards sensitive parts of your body.
  • Use one hand to move epilator on your skin and other hand to tighten your skin to lessen pain.
  • Apply some conditioner or lotion after using epilator to avoid itching or irritation.
  • You should use epilator at night time so that your skin may become fresh till morning. It is also better to remove your hair the day before you want to attend any party.
  • Clean your epilator after use and its use long lasting.

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Misting Pore Cleanser

Misting pore cleaner is the best gadget for teenagers to keep the pores clean for nasty fat faces. It also serves best for middle aged people who are looking to make their dull face looking young. If you want a companion to keep your skin look perfect. Misting Pore Cleaner is best for you. Misting pore cleaner is a best and very useful gadget to be kept in wash room for deep cleansing the pores without using different cosmetics with harsh chemicals for pores cleansing.

Misting pore cleaner uses a fine mist and a vacuum to help you to remove all dirt and oil deep from your pores. After using misting pore cleaner, you will feel your skin healthier, younger and cleaner. Moreover misting pore cleaner comes with reversible suction cup with a wide and thin side for cleaning different parts of facial skin. You should use 3 small / 16 inch suction for more difficult areas of your face like nose and skin around eyes and 7/16 inches vacuum will be ideal for broader skin areas like cheeks and forehead. Misting pore cleanser can also be used in shower. Its underwater housing is best for fogging the pores, in the midst of hot water that allow the pores to be more open and deep clean. This device will be best investment to make your skin look fresh longer without using chemicals on your skin.

How to Use Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners are used to make curly hair in to silky and smooth style in few minutes. For this process the things you need are hair straightener, comb, round brush and heat protection serum

Step 1

While selecting a straightener for your hair always go for ceramic straighteners because metal straighteners are a cheaper than the ceramic one but they can damage your hair so easily.

Step 2

If you dry your hair with blow dryer, then start drying your hairs from downwards and brush properly while you are drying. Use heat protective serum to avoid damage hair by the straighteners.

Step 3

Hair straighteners will require few minutes to heat up so go after the     manufacturer’s instructions. Put them on a non-flammable area while they are heating.

Step 4

Tie most of your hair up, parting one manageable section. Select some part of hair and put it in the straighteners. Start from the root, and slowly go down towards ends. Continue this procedure until the hair straightens. Straighten the hair section wise to rest of your hair. Use comb that will straighten your hair better

Step 5

Use shine spray or lock out lotion for prefect hair styling.

How to Curl Hair with Curling Rod?

Hair styling is of greater importance in one’s beauty. Some women always remain in braids and some make buns in routine. Some women like to go anywhere with open hair. Styling of open hair can also be done in different ways. You may like to have straight hair or want to curl your hair. Different beauty gadgets are available in the market that can be used for different styles of hair. Proper use of these hair gadgets is of greater importance as negligence in using these gadgets can adversely harm hair growth and beauty.

Here you will discuss proper use of hair curling rod to curl your hair to get a new look.

  • You should start with hair styling gel or spray for cleaning and blow dry them until dry completely. You can make better and long lasting curls by using quality hair products.
  • After complete hair dry, apply a clip to your hair in multiple sections. Then remove the clip from one section and brush it properly to remove all knots. If you have very fine and soft hair then use a spray to make your hair hold curls well.
  • Start from the under section of your hair. Twist a small section of your hair with your hands to make spiral curls. You can also make flat and large section for loose curls.
  • Open the curling iron and insert your hair. Close the curling iron barrel on your hair. Carefully enclose all the ends in the barrel.
  • Roll the iron up and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • Release the curls and repeat the same process with rest of the sections of hair.
  • Shake out the curls when all the hair are curled and style your hair with fingers.
  • Spray your hair with a light spray. It will keep the curls in right place and position. Humidity hair sprays are also available for humid climates to keep the hair styles in place.

Use of Blow Dryer

Blow dryer is a beauty gadget and used to dry wet hair soon. We also use blow dryer to set our hair differently. Improper use of blow dryer/Hair dryer can cause severe harms to hair therefore learn proper use of hair:

After washing your hair, squeeze out all water from hair and pat dry with towel to absorb all water. Set your blow dryer on medium or low heat. Keep hair dryer away from hair to avoid burning ranging from 6-8 inches. Start blow drying your hair from inner section. Keep the airflow in the direction of the ends. If you have dry hairs then apply hair lotion after blow drying your hair quickly.

Don’t use a blow dryer older than 5 years and strictly follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Don’t make frequent use of blow dryer as heat can harm your hair. Let your hair dry in air if you are not in hurry.