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Makeup Tips for Night Parties

The correct selection of make up and cloth according to occasion is an art and if you fail to do so then you will look awkward during function like light makeup in day functions and heavy makeup in night functions. If you are getting ready for a night out party then you need to take just few steps in picking out appropriate outfit, hair style and an evening makeup. You can get a perfect night out look by focusing on different areas of face.


A fresh glowing face is perfect for night parties. The heavy powder and foundation looks great for the day but usually look too heavy for evening functions. You can adopt a dewy look by applying light concealer where needed and then sweep your face with light translucent powder. Now you should give a touch of blush on the apples of cheeks. You can apply light sparkle on your skin to bring life into skin. Before applying any makeup on skin clean out all previous makeup and wash your oily skin with face wash.


You can give a dramatic look to your eyes through different ways. You should use shimmery white eye shadow for inner corners of eyes. If you use darker eye shadows than it creates a dramatic look, you can use liquid black or color eyeliners for unique look. To get a glamorous look you should use false eye lashes and eye lenses.


Lips are the focal point for night out makeup and there are a lot of options for lips. You should apply lipstick with lip brush for neat and clean application. You can apply bold colors or mix different colors with the help of brush. A lip stain is a second option to create a rich hue on lips without thickness of conventional lipstick. You can use lip gloss either apply on lipstick or applied alone for sheer and shiny look.

Colored shiny lips with neutral lip liner, Smokey dramatic eyes and glowing skin gives you awesome and unique look on party.

Body Care Techniques

Today I am going to share some useful techniques for your body:

  • Oil like almond oil which is rich in Vitamin E is a best element that should be used for removing makeup as it will never leave any trace of makeup as well as nourishes the skin.
  • You should massage your body with oils before taking bath to relive body stress and pain. It will ensure healthy functioning of your body.
  • It will be best to use lemon patches to lighten the dark patches but remember it not to use lemon for dry skin.
  • Preparing Ubtan at home is very easy and it is best to use homemade ubtan for your body care to get fresher skin. You can use Bridal Ubtan Recipe for your routine use.
  • Use body masks of turmeric powder, sandalwood and chickpea flour.
  • Neem Leaf powder can also be used in body masks for freshness.
  • For people having lots of body hair should remove hair by using mixture of sugar and lemon juice. Click Here to Learn Proper Waxing.
  • You can also make wax cream at home by following the set of instructions for Home Homemade Sugaring Kits.

Best Tips for Dry Hair

Hair become dry and fizzy when their moisture level decreases from normal moisture level that is 10%. Dry hair spoil other fresh look therefore you need to take some special steps to moisturize your hair properly. Here are some useful and easy to follow tips that will result much better than medical treatments. These tips are proved many times with same positive results. You also follow these tips if you are facing problem of dry and fizzy hair or tell your family members or friends:

  1. First and foremost important remedy to cure your dry hair is to avoid frequent use of hair tools that are hair straighter, blow dryer, hair curler or others like this. These tools will damage your hair further more instead of stylish look.
  2. Always use a low pH shampoo and if you have naturally black hair then don’t apply hair colors. They will also dry your hair.
  3. Apply some oil on your hair with routine. Best oil for your hair include coconut oil and olive oil but in winter season.
  4. Avoid washing your hair excessively and don’t use shampoo having harsh chemicals.
  5. To add shine to your hair, try some vinegar to hair. Take apple-cider vinegar and dilute it with water. Take this vinegar and water in ratio of 1:7 and apply this on your hair after shampooing.
  6. You can also use mayonnaise or yogurt as many hair experts have recommended these as best good conditioners. Put mayonnaise on your hair and leave for 5 minutes then shampoo your hair thoroughly.
  7. Avoid going in direct sunlight for long time as sunlight will harm your hair as well as skin. Use hat while going outside in summer.
  8. If you have sensitive hair or have smell allergic problem then apply baby oil on your hair for moisturizing.
  9. Wash your hair once in three to four days.
  10. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy diet for healthy hair.

Ideas for Smokey Eyes Makeup

The classical Smokey eye looks attractive and charming. It provide you a perfect look for a night out party or day at office, the sharpness of Smokey eye makeup is up to you. You can give a perfect Smokey look to your eyes by following some simple tips.

Things You Need

  • Eye primer
  • 2 Eye shadows (One light and one darker)
  • Eyeliner
  • Makeup brushes
  • Mascara


  • Prepare eyelid with shadow base or primer. Keep your eyelid oil-free because the eye shadow start melting into eyelid crease as the day goes on. Therefore start with primer because this will prevent shadow from fading.
  • If you want typical black, brown and gray Smokey eye makeup then apply liner in one of those colors from first inner eye lash to outer corner on the top and bottom, draw thick line in the middle of eye. If you want for a jewel-toned eye then you can use purple, blue or deep green liner. Gel or creamy eyeliner pencil provide you a perfect look.
  • Blend different colors in bottom lashes to give it a full smudge effect. You should coat eye shadow brush with deep accent shadow color and brush into crease of eye. Apply eye shadow in V-shape toward outer corner of eye then down to create a Smokey effect.
  • You can combine a lighter base with darker tone. Stroke a light shimmery shadow over lids of your brow bone.
  • You can use darker or blended eye shadows according to your choice. Blend brush into eye shadow color and use it on your lash line, blend it up until eye liner disappears. Only blend colors into lash but avoid from deep colors into crease.
  • Finish your eye makeup with several coats of mascara. You should use good quality mascara. If you are applying dark make up then put focus on either eyes or lips not on both.

Tips for 6 Pack Abs

To get ripped abs and ideal 6 Pack Abs is not as easy task. It demands much time, devotion and dedication. Only wish to have 6 Pack Abs is not enough to make your dream true but you have to do a lot in this regard. For example you need to do hard exercises and take different nutrients and other diet. Many people go in false direction to get 6 Pack Abs. Here are some special and useful tips to guide you in more useful way.

First of all you need to make a strong ambition that you really want to improve your look and get 6 Pack Abs. After making mind completely read and follow the tips given below:

Diet for Developing 6 Pack Abs

Saying this will not go wrong that diet is king and exercise is queen in effort to get 6 Pack Abs. Without proper diet you can not get lean abdominals. You need to eat one gram of protein for every pond of your body weight and for this purpose you will need to eat meats, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, oatmeal, turkey, protein bars and drinks. You need to eat plenty of fresh vegetables.Eat carbohydrates, olive oil, nuts, take green tea and drink plenty of water. Stop eating things including:

  • Sweets
  • Pasta
  • Soda or white bread etc.

Without this diet schedule it will be only a dream to be a person having ripped Abs.

Special Exercise for 6 Pack Abs

Exercise is another important and basic factor to develop real 6 Packs. You will need to do different hard exercises that include:

  • Cardio that is the exercise to speedup heart beat. It burns all fats very fast.
  • Train your abs two to three times a week.
  • Do resistance exercises to train your abs by leg raises, cable crunches and incline bench sit ups.
  • Do exercise to train all areas of your waist line by lower back extensions and side bending.
  • Weigh lifting is also very beneficial for making 6 Pack Abs.

Make the above mention diet and exercise schedule your habit and improve your look.

Proper Application of Foundation

Makeup foundation is a flesh toned cosmetic applied on face to create a uniform color complexion and sometimes it totally changes natural skin tone. Makeup foundation feels very heavy on your skin and in fact it can last for whole day if properly applied. If your face and neck skin don’t match then everyone takes its notice and you feel embarrassment. Here are some tips for proper application of foundation and if you follow the below mentioned tips then your foundation can last for whole day:

  • Before applying foundation clean your face with cleanser of your own choice and water. You should also apply toner and moisturizer. Take some time for picking out right foundation and concealer for your skin. Choose lighter shade concealer as compare to foundation. If you are using liquid foundation then always shake bottle well before applying.
  • Apply concealer on your dark circles. Apply foundation primer on face, there are various brands of foundation primer available in market but you will choose one which comes in form of gel. The gel foundation primer will glide smoothly on face and give lighter effect as compared to other foundation primers.
  • Apply foundation on your face with the help of your finger tips or foundation brush. Don’t use sponge because all your makeup will end on sponge instead of your face.
  • At the end apply pressed powder with gentle patting motions. Patting action gives your skin a longer lasting effect of foundation because this action will press the foundation into your skin. Now you will get a long wearing, smooth, flexible and light feeling.

Different Makeup Styles

Women have craze to look different and gorgeous among other females so they apply so much techniques. Usually women don’t spend all day in makeup for looking gorgeous. There are a lot of cute makeup styles that make the face glowing without masking inner beauty. Here are some perky makeup styles which are adopt by celebrities and movie characters. Many women are inspired by these styles and try to adopt them according to seasonal event. Some styles look more suited with every day wear.

Baby Doll Makeup Style

This makeup style provides effect of a bright and fresh face because of minimal use of colors which give a dramatic effect to face. In this style neutral eye shadow is applied to eyes and shimmer or glitter stroke is worn just above the lash line. You can create baby doll eyes by using black eyeliner and outline from inward of the above lash line to outer corner and given a wing at eye edge which creates dramatic upwards turn. You should use fake lashes; peach blush and bright pink or red lipstick for effective makeup results.

Cat Eye Makeup Style

The elusive cat eye is one of the charming makeup styles. You can get this look by drifting dark eyeliner all around the natural shape of eyes and expanding the upper lash line with several strokes of eyeliner. You should fill the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and try to give a curve shape as much as possible and give finishing touch with 2-3 coatings of mascara. To give more dramatic touch to your face you can apply vibrant red, maroon or pink lipstick on your lips.

Japanese Character Makeup Style

This makeup style is very much popular among fans of Japanese video games, cartoons and fantasy films. This makeup style is totally depending on style of character you want to emulate. For this makeup style you don’t need any colored makeup. You only need to apply dark eyeliner on the top of upper lash line and water line of your eyes. You should also apply plenty of mascara and can give a warm glow to your face with peach or light pink blush. You should apply light pink or peach lip-gloss on lips. Usually Japanese character have large eyes so you can also apply white eyeliner instead of black and put the shimmery white eye shadow around tear ducts and above the upper lash line. This process creates illusion that the eyes are bright and large.

Bright Eyes Makeup Style

You can use blue, purple, green, yellow or pastel pink eye shadows for spring or fresh appearance. In spring you can use light foundation for brightness of face and in summer you should apply bronzers on the top of darker foundation for sun kissed look. For finishing you can use colored mascara but avoid from dark eyeliner because this can diminish the brightness effect of makeup.

Pouty Lip Makeup Style

This style gives a plump and pouty look to lips and basically focuses on plum and pouty lips. Color of lip gloss and lip liner plays major role in this style. Make out line around lips with lip liner which should match with natural tone of your face and make it sure that you lip-gloss or lipstick stays within the boundaries of lip liner. For more accurate pouty style use a lip brush to apply drippy lip gloss. The pouty lip style give a dramatic look with cat eye style.