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Best Tips for Dry Hair

Hair become dry and fizzy when their moisture level decreases from normal moisture level that is 10%. Dry hair spoil other fresh look therefore you need to take some special steps to moisturize your hair properly. Here are some useful and easy to follow tips that will result much better than medical treatments. These tips are proved many times with same positive results. You also follow these tips if you are facing problem of dry and fizzy hair or tell your family members or friends:

  1. First and foremost important remedy to cure your dry hair is to avoid frequent use of hair tools that are hair straighter, blow dryer, hair curler or others like this. These tools will damage your hair further more instead of stylish look.
  2. Always use a low pH shampoo and if you have naturally black hair then don’t apply hair colors. They will also dry your hair.
  3. Apply some oil on your hair with routine. Best oil for your hair include coconut oil and olive oil but in winter season.
  4. Avoid washing your hair excessively and don’t use shampoo having harsh chemicals.
  5. To add shine to your hair, try some vinegar to hair. Take apple-cider vinegar and dilute it with water. Take this vinegar and water in ratio of 1:7 and apply this on your hair after shampooing.
  6. You can also use mayonnaise or yogurt as many hair experts have recommended these as best good conditioners. Put mayonnaise on your hair and leave for 5 minutes then shampoo your hair thoroughly.
  7. Avoid going in direct sunlight for long time as sunlight will harm your hair as well as skin. Use hat while going outside in summer.
  8. If you have sensitive hair or have smell allergic problem then apply baby oil on your hair for moisturizing.
  9. Wash your hair once in three to four days.
  10. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy diet for healthy hair.

Tips for Naturally Pink Lips

Nice smile and pinkish lips add to your beauty. Smile with crackled and chapped lips looks odd. Smiling with chapped lips is also painful for the people. Here are some useful tips for the people to get naturally pink lips to look more gorgeous. In fact all people must take care of their lips. Follow the tips given below to take care of your lips:

  • Use branded lipsticks and remove the lipstick before going to sleep.
  • Take some turmeric powder and add in the milk cream. Do 5 minute massage of this mixture on your lips for proper care.
  • Make it your routine to rinse your lips with cold rose water to get softer and fresher lips.
  • Apply lip balm or Vaseline on your lips on regular basis for soft lips.
  • Very easy remedy to take care of your lips is to apply some milk cream on your lips before sleeping. Leave this cream on your lips for whole night and get up with softer and shinning lips.
  • Massage your lips with glycerin.
  • Take lemon ridges and scrub your lips. It will remove all darkness of your lips and your lip’s skin will become fresh.
  • Massage your lips with beet slice for natural pink lips.

Greasy Hair Care Tips

Having oily/greasy hair is a very common problem. Mostly people apply more and more shampoo to get rid of oily hair but it is very harmful for hair. Here are some special tips for people suffering from this problem. These tips will surely help them all to make their greasy hair normal or reduce the oil.

  • You can use baby shampoo or a mild shampoo to cure oily hair.
  • Wash oily/greasy hair on daily basis but avoid using high pH shampoo.
  • Dilute your shampoo before applying by mixing some water into it.
  • Always wash your hair with cool water. You can also rinse you hair with lukewarm water.
  • If your hair are very oily then don’t use any conditioner.
  • Avoid using shiny hair products or gels etc.
  • If you have extremely greasy hair, vinegar rinse will be better for you. Take one part vinegar and 4 parts water, mix and rinse on your hair to cure greasy hair.
  • Don’t brush your hair too much as extra brushing will cause more oil.
  • You can also use lemon juice diluted with water as vinegar rinse for extremely greasy/oily hair.
  • Make a mixture of tea water, lemon juice and henna and apply this mixture on you hair. Leave it for two hours and rinse it off.

10 Core Exercises for 6 Pack Abs

Full Sit Up
Lie on plain floor or a bench and fold your knees. Put your hands behind head and keep your elbows out of your sight. Raise your shoulders off floor until unless you become in upward position. After sitting upward go back to your initial position. Repeat this practice many times and relax after 10 movements. Remember to keep your head and neck in neutral position.
Hanging Hip Raise
Hang on a bar keeping your arms straight. Lift your knees up and lower your legs slowly in start position. Remember it to keep your head and neck in neutral position. Try to keep your stomach tighter. This exercise is very useful to develop six pack abs.
Rollouts with Ab Wheel
For this exercise, sit on your knees. Take an ab wheel and put your hand on this wheel. Start rolling out with your arms until unless your body comes parallel to floor and pull yourself back in initial position. Repeat the exercise many times.
Leg Raise Pike
To start, hold a high bar and keep your body outstretched. Rise up your legs until unless your feet touch the bar. Try to keep your legs completely straight. Keep your upper body quite return to the initial position. Repeat the exercise many times and take a rest after some movements.
Bicycle Kicks
Lie on floor on your back and bring your knees at chest level. Put your arms flat on floor. Alternate extend your legs by extending one leg out and bring this leg back when you extend your second leg out. It will be same as you are cycling. Repeat this exercise and keep your back flat and take some rest before you stand up.
Incline Hip Raise
Lie on an inclined bench and keep your head at the top and your feet towards the lower side of the bench. Bring your knees upward to your chest and try to lift your hip up towards your shoulders. This exercise is very beneficial for getting 6 packs. Return to the initial position and keep practicing for some time.
Ball Transfer Crunch
Lie on your back and hold a ball between your legs. Rise your legs up and transfer ball from your legs to your arms and come back to initial position and then again transfer ball from your arms to your legs. While transferring ball from legs to arms, lift your legs towards ceiling.

Belly Blaster
Put elbows and forearms on the ground, keeping your body parallel to floor and your toes. Raise your body into the air and hold for one second. Return in the initial position and repeat this practice many times.
Hip Thrusts
Lie on your back on floor and lift your legs upward up to 90 degrees. Try to lift your hip in air and lower it again and repeat this practice many times. Take some rest after 10 movements.
Elevated Prone Hip Extension
Put you hands on floor and your feet on a wall. Bring your one knee towards your chest while keep other on the wall and put your first leg back on wall. Then bring second leg to your chest in the same way and repeat this practice for some time.







How to Make Cucumber Facial Mask?

Cucumber is a fruit which belongs to pumpkin family. It has very rich nutrition values and enrich with different vitamins, iron, potassium and phosphorus etc. It is a best natural diet which secretes and promotes the flow of urine. It is equally beneficial in live and pancreatic diseases. Cucumber has perfect combination of different minerals and helps in prevention of many body diseases. You can also use cucumber to enhance your skin beauty because it is very beneficial if you use to put slices of cucumber on your eyes at night then you can get rid from dark circles and under eye wrinkles in the morning. Cucumber can also protect your skin from the effect of sun. It can create tightness in your skin pores and has cleansing effects.

Here is a recipe to get rid of wrinkles and dull skin as well.

  1. Take a half piece of cucumber along with its skin because the skin of cucumber has several vitamins to protect your skin and cut it into pieces.
  2. Take all pieces, add them into blender. Now take one egg and mix it in the blender as well and if you like you can also add few drops of lemon juice into blender. Blend all these things for one minute.
  3. Now your mask is ready and you can use it on your face. Put all mask into a bowl and use this facial mask generously. Try to cover your whole face and leave for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes rinse mask with cold water.

Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Longer

Long hair look very gorgeous but if have shine. Black, shiny and long hair make women’s personality more attractive and graceful. Here are some special tips to get long and healthy hair:

  • First and foremost important point to be kept in mind is your diet schedule. Before you go to follow some additional tips for long hair, ponder on your diet and eat healthy diet. Never starve to become smart, it will deprive you from hair beauty. Starving will affect you badly as it will disturb your skin, eye sight, and hair growth. Starving will make you suffering from dull hair and hair fall problems.
  • For long hair, get your hair trimmed periodically. Trim of half inch after one month is enough for better hair growth.
  • Do use of products that will fulfill deficiency of moisturize in your hair. Use shampoos with special moisturizing effects.
  • Brush your hair 100 times before you go to sleep, it will help your hair flourish better.
  • Protect your hair from direct heat. Don’t go in sunlight without covering your hair.
  • Avoid using hair gadgets like hair straighter or blow dryer.

  • More useful Vitamins for hair growth include Vitamin B, C and E.
  • Do proper wash after two days and use diluted shampoo.
  • Oil is also a good remedy to get long and healthy hair.
  • Drink plenty of water. It will make your skin fresh and your hair will grow fast.
  • Apply henna once a month mixed with tea water.

Tips for Fresh Eyes

Eyes are most important, sensitive and beautiful part of one’s face. Some people are blessed with fresh eyes with long lashes and awesome color of eyeball but some people try to look beautiful by using lenses and false lashes and different eye cosmetics. Eyes need much care and attention than all other parts of body. All people having or not having beautiful eyes must spend some time in tacking care of their eyes. Follow tips given below on regular basis:

  • Take proper sleep time and eat healthy food. Never forget to drink one cup of milk before going to bed.
  • After getting from bed, rinse cool and fresh water on your face and in your eyes. Drink plenty of water to look fresher. Wash your eyes with cold water 3-4 times a day.
  • Put some drops of rose water in your eyes before going to bed. It will help you to remove all dirt and germs from your eyes and you will get up with fresher eyes in morning.
  • If you have pure honey then put some honey with thin stick in your eyes like kajol and leave honey in your eyes for 10 minutes. It will clean your eyes.
  • If you are living with tough work routine and have to work in polluted areas or with computer screens then take a used tea bag and put it on your eyes for half an hour. It will reduce swelling of your eyes and heat.
  • Potato is very important for healthy eyes. Cut potato in round slices and put these potatoes on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.
  • Cucumber also plays very important role in eye care activities. Cut cucumber in slices and put them on your eyes and get relaxed for some time. You will feel better after removing them.
  • Eat green vegetables and fresh fruits. Drink carrot juice and orange juice in summer season and do a lot for your eyes.
  • Change liquid of your lenses and go for proper treatment if you have an infection in your eyes. Apply lenses after much care. Put lenses in cold place and don’t let your lenses dry. If they cause irritation in your eyes, put off them and get a checkup from your doctor.

Tips for Normal Skin Care

People who are blessed with normal skin by God have no surety that their skin will remain as fresh and tight as it is now. No doubt they look beautiful with ordinary care but ordinary care is not enough to look fresh even at the age of 50. Therefore I want to share some special tips for people having normal skin. These tips are proved many times with no harmful effects on skin. In fact these tips will enhance one’s beauty. For long lasting fresh look read and follow the tips given below:

  1. Drink plenty of water in a day. It will keep your skin fresh and tight. It is considered as best treatment for oily and dry skin. Drink 10-12 glasses of water.
  2. Change your diet schedule and add healthy food in it. Eat food rich in vitamins, proteins and iron.
  3. Use branded cosmetics. Before applying cosmetics do cleansing of your skin using cleansing milk or fresh milk cream and remove makeup with much care.
  4. Don’t let the cosmetic stay on your skin for nights and remove makeup before you go to sleep.
  5. Use egg yolk mask or some other home made skin masks to feed your skin.
  6. Pat your face skin very softly after washing or any skin treatment.
  7. Do ice massage on your skin after plucking your eye brows, upper lips or forehead.
  8. Make very soft upward and circular movements of fingers for any massage.
  9. Prefer to wash off your face with basin other than face washes that contain chemicals in them.
  10. Make it your routine to wash your face with cool water before going to bed and after awaking. Morning walk is also very good to keep your skin fresh. Drink one glass of water early in the morning before you eat something.

Mehndi Designs for Brides

Applying mehndi in different beautiful designs is one of the most enjoyable activities in wedding preparations. People of different geographical locations make different mehndi designs. Indian and Arabic mehndi designs are followed all over the world. Special mehndi function is arranged the day before wedding. Bride’s friends apply mehndi on bride’s hands and feet. Some brides go to beauty saloons for mehndi. Mehndi is also applied on other different religious and social occasions. Some people have different beliefs with dark color of mehndi therefore women use different tricks for darker color of mehndi like applying oil or tea water on mehndi before removing it etc. Here is a great collection of mehndi designs for brides. You can select any design for your wedding day that you like the most:

Special Care before Wedding Day

Wedding day is particular to every bride and groom. At wedding day, wedding couple is always center of attention. All brides want to look gorgeous on their wedding day and special care is needed to make these dreams true. Here are tips that will help you look like a fairytale princess on your wedding day:

  • Sleeping well is very important for brides to avoid dark circles and dull skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to freshen your skin.
  • There should be no weight fluctuations that also make skin look dull.
  • Have steam facial that removes toxins and trapped dirt within the skin pores. Steam facial should be done in three to six weeks.
  • Start drinking coconut water half month before the wedding day that will help you to retain healthy skin.
  • Home-made packs from raw milk and almonds serve best for dry skin in winter season.
  • To make body pack at home, take two table spoon of chane ka flour and one table spoon of red half masoors dal flour. Mix them well adding some turmeric powder and raw milk or coconut milk.
  • It is usual in brides to face problem of tanned skin due to excess shopping schedule and direct exposure to sun rays. In such cases you should opt for back treatments for removal of blemishes and marks.
  • All brides should avoid being stressed that obviously affects skin tone.
  • Take special care steps for your feet and do pedicure at home for soft skin of your feet. Follow special tips for pedicure from the provided link to Home Pedicure Tips.
  • Re-plan your diet schedule and drink fresh juices and take healthy diet.
  • Try to live tension free and happy all the time.
  • Rub olive oil on your hands and feet nails in round movements and use gloves if you work in garden or kitchen.
  • Do cleansing of your skin on regular basis. You can make a skin pack by mixing lemon juice, haldi, sandalwood and besan. To mix them well take some raw milk and make a paste to apply on your skin.
  • Put few drops of rose water in your eyes to keep them fresh and bright.
  • Take special care steps for your hair for best bridal hair style. Do regular oiling of your hair.
  • Make a mixture of henna powder, amla, shikakai, reetha, tea water and egg white for fresh hair.
  • Visit your routine beauty expert and take some advice from her for your skin care.