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What Causes Puffy Eyes?

Main cosmetic problem affects eyes that are puffy or baggy eyes. Both terms are used interchangeably but they are different because puffy eyes are easily curable than eye bags. Baggy eyes can only be treated with surgical treatments. This discussion will focus on causes of puffy eyes. There are several causes of puffy eyes and some of these causes are environmental but not all. Puffy eyes or watery eyes are basically symptoms of common eye allergic problems. Some research study links puffy eyes to genetic or heredity factors. Here is a list of causes that are stated to be causes of puffy eyes.

You should view this list and avoid factors that cause puffiness in eyes:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive crying and shedding tears
  • Much intake of sodium and salt
  • Physical stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Building of toxins and wastes in body
  • Post operation or surgical recovery
  • Heredity predisposition
  • Reactions of dermatitis
  • Over consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Irritating contact lenses
  • Body fluid fluctuations due to hormonal changes
  • Changes in weather or temperature
  • Sinus problems
  • Water retention
  • Complications from medications
  • Sleeping with head elevated slightly

Everyone should know general causes of puffiness in eyes.


Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Many people use contact lens when they are bored with spectacles. You can give any shade to your eyes using contact lens. You can use contact lens to relax your eyes from spectacles but don’t make it your routine as they will shield your eyes and stop oxygen from entering in your eyes. Here are some useful tips for you to wear contact lens properly:
• First of all you are advised to follow the set of instructions that you will get with lenses.
• You should cut your nails when you use contact lenses.
• Wash the lenses with saline solution provided with them before you wear them. Rinse them properly with soft hands.
• You need to be very careful in applying lens to avoid mixing. Carefully apply right lens first and then left lens in the left eye.
• Use clean cloth to dry your hands and eyes.
• Never rub lenses with your hands.
• Always wash your hands before dealing with the lens to prevent your eyes damaging from any dirt.
• Many times it happens that lens is displaced in your eye. In such case you should move your eye in the opposite direction from lens.
• Keep the lens storage place neat and dry.
• Avoid the mix up of lenses and don’t use low quality lenses.
• Don’t use tap water for storage of lenses.
• In case of any irritation when you apply lens, you should contact your doctor.
• People below 18 should not wear lenses.
• Avoid apply cosmetic inside the eye when you are wearing lens.
Follow this procedure to apply lens:
• Rinse lens on palm of your hand and then put the lens on the top of your index finger.
• Keep your finger dry with which you apply lens.
• With other hand pull up your upper eye lid and down the down eye lid.
• Position the lens in your eye looking upward or forward.
• Gently close your eye after placing the lens and roll your eyes in circle.
• Make it sure that the lens has reached it right place by looking into the mirror.
Follow the above mentioned instructions to prevent any problem in eyes.