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Get Rid of Stains on False Teeth

Different food dyes either natural or artificial and various other substances can easily leave stains on false teeth, these stains look so embarrassing while smiling or talking with others. If you have such kind of problem then you can remove these stains fairly, quickly and easily. You need a little bit addition in your usual cleaning regimen which can include a standard denture cleaner and few household items that you cannot use in real teeth. Always remember that these tips are for stains on false teeth.

  • Put your false teeth in an overnight denture-soaking solution. This process will clean away all food particles but may only lighten some hard stains.
  • Brush your false teeth with denture brush and then splash them in clean running water like under bathroom or kitchen nozzle. You can prepare a solution for teeth like add 1 tsp. of bleach in 10 tsp. of water in a bowl which is large enough to soak the teeth in.
  • Put the false teeth in bleach & water solution and leave them there for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes check teeth if you notice any remaining stain then you can leave it in solution for another 10 minutes.
  • After that wash out your false teeth well under cool, flowing water and now you can use them as usual.
  • If you have tartar problem then you can add 1tsp. of calcium chelating water softener in bleach solution. After taking out teeth from solution you can brush away loosened/softened tartar with denture brush.
  • Clean your false teeth with commercial denture cleaner on daily basis after smoking, drinking coffee or eating staining foods.
  • Before applying any home made solution for stains on your false teeth speak to your dentist because in rare cases if the dental appliances contain metal then there is a risk of corrosion.