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Avoid Over Conditioning

Conditioners are beauty products that are used to coat outer cuticle of hair to provide them protection from environmental effects. They are also meant for shiny hair and prevent hair from tangling and breaking. There is a wide range of conditioners available in market for different hair types. Select best suitable conditioner for your hair by consulting your hair stylist.

Using too much conditioner is over-conditioning that is not good for hair’s health. Usually people take globes of conditioner and apply it from roots to tips of hair. Mostly people don’t know that conditioner is best suitable for three inches of hair shaft. Over conditioned hair look limp and greasy and become difficult to style. Here are some useful tips to avoid over conditioning of hair. To prevent lifeless and limp hair follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Squeeze your hair gently after shampooing to remove excess water from hair. This way your hair will better absorb the conditioner.
  • Pour conditioner on your palm. Amount you should take will depend on length of your hair.
  • Rub your palms together to spread conditioner.
  • Apply conditioner only on hanging part of your hair. Make it sure to apply conditioner only on the tips of hair shaft.
  • Let the conditioner stay on your hair for few seconds. 30 seconds is suitable time for dry hair to allow the conditioner on hair.
  • Work with tangles using your fingers to apply conditioner thoroughly.
  • Use warm water to rinse all conditioner from your hair. Make it sure that all conditioner is removed from your hair.
  • Squeeze out water from your hair and use towel to blot moisture from your hair. Don’t rub your hair with towel.

Guide to Hair Washing

Your hair need lot of care and treatment. Many people even fail to wash their hair properly. Proper hair washing is the first essential for hair care. Here is a guide for proper hair washing and following these tips, you will get long lasting hair beauty:

  • Wash your hair in the natural flow as you stand under the shower. Some people have habit to wash their hair in opposite side to hair growth. This activity weakens their hair and results in hair fall.
  • Rinse your hair properly for shampooing.
  • Take right amount of shampoo according to length and thickness of your hair.
  • Avoid stroking wet roughly.
  • Massage shampoo in your hair very gently.
  • Don’t make excess use of shampoo. Excess use of shampoo results in dry hair.
  • Egg shampoos are best to retain natural oil in hair.
  • If you have oily hair, then wash your hair on regular basis.
  • Blot the water from hair in a towel for some time and let your hair dry naturally.
  • Don’t rub your hair with towel and don’t wrap your hair in towel for long time.

Tips to Make French Braid

French braid is in fashion for long times and is still in fashion. Different styles of French braids are made. Here are some useful tips to make French braid. Follow the tips and try to French braid your hair. You can also apply different accessories to make your hair for a party:

  • Make French braid with dry hair. It is better to make French braid after shampooing and drying.
  • Apply some gel or mousse to hair for smoother look of braid.
  • Divide a small section of hair from where you want to start braiding and make three segments of selected hair to start braid.
  • Comb each section smoothly.
  • Then cross the right hand section over the middle section and then tighten the plate.
  • Cross the left section over the braid and the left hand section will become the middle section.
  • Keep all the plaits tighten with every cross.
  • After one cross from left and one from right then it is the time to cross the right section again over the middle section. In this cross add some additional hair in the right section and then cross. Use comb tail for picking the additional hair.
  • How much hair to select with each turn depends on strength of your hair.
  • Keep practicing the same steps by crossing the alternate right and left sections over the middle sections and keep your plaits tight.
  • Put hair-safe ponytail on the end of the braid and add accessories to braid to look more stylish.