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Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Many people use contact lens when they are bored with spectacles. You can give any shade to your eyes using contact lens. You can use contact lens to relax your eyes from spectacles but don’t make it your routine as they will shield your eyes and stop oxygen from entering in your eyes. Here are some useful tips for you to wear contact lens properly:
• First of all you are advised to follow the set of instructions that you will get with lenses.
• You should cut your nails when you use contact lenses.
• Wash the lenses with saline solution provided with them before you wear them. Rinse them properly with soft hands.
• You need to be very careful in applying lens to avoid mixing. Carefully apply right lens first and then left lens in the left eye.
• Use clean cloth to dry your hands and eyes.
• Never rub lenses with your hands.
• Always wash your hands before dealing with the lens to prevent your eyes damaging from any dirt.
• Many times it happens that lens is displaced in your eye. In such case you should move your eye in the opposite direction from lens.
• Keep the lens storage place neat and dry.
• Avoid the mix up of lenses and don’t use low quality lenses.
• Don’t use tap water for storage of lenses.
• In case of any irritation when you apply lens, you should contact your doctor.
• People below 18 should not wear lenses.
• Avoid apply cosmetic inside the eye when you are wearing lens.
Follow this procedure to apply lens:
• Rinse lens on palm of your hand and then put the lens on the top of your index finger.
• Keep your finger dry with which you apply lens.
• With other hand pull up your upper eye lid and down the down eye lid.
• Position the lens in your eye looking upward or forward.
• Gently close your eye after placing the lens and roll your eyes in circle.
• Make it sure that the lens has reached it right place by looking into the mirror.
Follow the above mentioned instructions to prevent any problem in eyes.


Tips for Lashes Growth

Long and thick eye lashes add to the beauty of eyes. Like all other hair of body parts eye lashes also go in continuous growth cycle. They grow to a specific length. If you pluck out any hair from your eye lashes, it will grow back. Hair in eye lashes take four to eight weeks for full growth. People with think eye lashes can also try to get thick and long lashes by taking some care of their eyes and lashes.

Here are some useful tips to stimulate growth of eye lashes:

  • First of all make it clear and avoid following false tips of unskilled people that will guide you to cut the tips of your lashes to stimulate lashes growth. It is certainly not going to happen by doing so. If you really want to get long lashes, follow the remedies shared below.
  • Use of olive oil, castor oil, almonds oil and Vaseline will give the desired results. To stimulate lashes growth you need to apply any of these oils on regular basis before sleeping with mascara brush.
  • Gently do massage of these oils on the upper lid of eye in a way to cover the whole lid covered with oil.
  • While applying these oils, prevent them from going into your eyes. They will irritate your eyes.
  • Take special care of your lashes and remove mascara and eye cosmetics before sleeping and avoid using mascara on daily basis.
  • Wear glasses while going outside to save your eyes from dirt and dust.
  • Do all lashes care remedies only before sleeping during night.

How to Sooth Your Tired Eyes

Many people have tough routines as they have to work in front computers for long hours, or work for late nights and irregular hours, work in sunlight etc. Eyes of such people get tired on the day end and during working. As a result of continuous tiresome, eyes of such busy people become yellow and look stressed. Here are some useful tips to sooth your tired eyes:

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 10-12 glasses in a day.
  • Take proper sleep time.
  • Give some rest to your eyes after one hour for 5-10 minutes and then start working again.
  • Have a short walk outside to refresh your mind and eyes. Use to sit 30 inches away from your computer and use LCD monitor.
  • Splash your eyes with cold water to give freshness to your eyes.
  • Take two slices of cold cucumber and place these slices on your eyes to refresh your eyes.
  • Sometimes your eyes become swollen due to even workload. Place used teabags soaked in cold water on your eyes for half an hour.
  • Pour 5 drops of rose water in your eyes on daily basis. It will irritate your eyes in the beginning use of it but later on it will clean your eyes with no irritation. People with easy work routines should also make it their routine to put rose water in their eyes.
  • If you have pure honey, then put some honey in your eyes to clean them and get a refreshing touch.