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How to Use Hair Straighter?

Hair straighter is a wonderful gift of technology for beauty conscious people to enhance their beauty. This machine works in a way that it straights the hair and give a new look. It has a very simple look and works like an iron. No doubt it gives new look to users but if used properly. If it is used very often without proper care, it can harm the original beauty of hair. Here are some useful tips to use hair straighter properly:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and condition them as a routine.
  • Apply serum to hair. For application of serum, spread serum on your palm, spread it and rub on hair thoroughly.
  • Blow dry your hair but don’t dry completely. To use straighter, you hair must be little wet.
  • It will be easy to straight short lengthy hair but if you have long hair then divide your hair in segments by using catchers or pins and take hair in small portions.
  • Select some hair and put them in hair straighter and move the straighter slowly.
  • Move the hair straighter from top to hair ends. Don’t stop while using straighter to avoid hair burning.
  • Repeat the procedure with every selected section of hair for 3-4 times for finest result.
  • Don’t wrap the wire around the straighter very after using it.
  • Check the wire from all sides to make it sure that its wire is not damaged from any side.
  • Put off the straighter and unplug it after using.
  • Follow the special instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent any mishap.

Using a hair straighter can surely give a new look but avoid using this machine as a routine as it will make your hair split ended but you can use it rarely to go in any party of function.


Pluck Eye Brows in the Way

Shape of your eyebrows adds to the beauty of your eyes. Different shapes of eyebrows include arched, squinted, curved and many more. People get their eyebrows shaped according to shape of their face and naturally grown hair on eyebrows. Shape of eyebrows is very important as well as neatly-tweezed also says a lot about personality of a women. Here are some special tips for you to pluck your eyebrows according to your face.

  • First of all you need to decide shape of your eyebrows that you want on your face. If you are going to pluck for the first time then use a pencil to mark the desired shape and start plucking according to that shape.
  • Before you start plucking, you need some accessories to keep with you that are mirror, thread, tweezers and talcum powder. Selection of place is also important. Select the place where you can see all tiny hair clearly. The tweezers which you select must have strong grip on hair so that it may pluck hair from roots. Take small mirror with you to see what shape you have given to your eyebrows. One small mirror and one wall mirror is necessary to have close and far view of your eyebrow.

  • Wash your face with little warm water. It will soften your hair. Dry your face and dust your eyebrows with some talcum powder. Mark the desired brow line and start plucking.
  • I f you are plucking eyebrows of someone else then start plucking from mid of brows with thread but if you are doing your own plucking then start from ears side to center of eyes. Thread the forehead first of all and set the shape of eyebrows from upper side.
  • Keep the shape of both eyebrows same and don’t try to change the original shape. After getting plucked from a salon, use tweezers to pluck hair and prevent unwanted grow.
  • Stop the process several times and see in the mirror to make it sure that you are going right.
  • Pluck one hair at a time. After plucking both the eyebrows, take brow brush and comb your eyebrows and trim extra lengthy hair as much as you see, are suitable for rest of shape.
  • Best brow shape is having a slight arch not very straight and not too much curvy. Little arch looks cool on all facial shapes.
  • Pluck the hair in the direction they grow and don’t pluck too many hair at a time.
  • While plucking eyebrows of others, catch the skin tightly.

Mehndi Designs for Brides

Applying mehndi in different beautiful designs is one of the most enjoyable activities in wedding preparations. People of different geographical locations make different mehndi designs. Indian and Arabic mehndi designs are followed all over the world. Special mehndi function is arranged the day before wedding. Bride’s friends apply mehndi on bride’s hands and feet. Some brides go to beauty saloons for mehndi. Mehndi is also applied on other different religious and social occasions. Some people have different beliefs with dark color of mehndi therefore women use different tricks for darker color of mehndi like applying oil or tea water on mehndi before removing it etc. Here is a great collection of mehndi designs for brides. You can select any design for your wedding day that you like the most:

Secrets of Shiny Hair

Having shiny hair is dream of every woman and all women opt for different hair care products. There is a wide variety of hair care products today that confuse women to select best one for hair care product. Many companies are advertising their products but some of these products are not organic based and have harsh chemicals that affect hair badly instead of enhancing hair beauty. All beauty conscious women don’t need to be confused among this variety of hair care products because here you will get best collection of tips to get shiny hair naturally.

All women are advised to use natural hair care products for everyday hair care. You should herbal shampoos and conditioners to feed your hair healthy. Chemical products are not good for hair’s health.

  • You can use lemon juice to rinse your hair to make them shiny. You can also use apple cider vinegar in this regard.
  • After rinsing your hair with lemon juice or vinegar, let them dry and don’t use towel in hair.
  • Avoid using hair gadgets and don’t use hair dryer but let them dry naturally.
  • Use herbal creams to make your hair condition better.
  • Avoid washing your hair on frequent days. It will reduce quality of your hair.
  • It is better to wash your hair three times a week.
  • Getting your hair coiffed will be good for your hair.
  • Have hair cut once a month to remove split hair ends.
  • Don’t rely of chemical products that claim silky and shiny hair in one wash.
  • Eat healthy diet because diet you eat is also beneficial for your hair.
  • Do oiling in your hair scalps before hair wash.

Dior Cosmetics

Cosmetics can enhance one’s beauty. For beauty conscious people, cosmetic industry has reached to its peak. Proper use of cosmetics can only enhance beauty otherwise it spoils not only the beauty but also damages skin and causes other skin problems. All women should be very careful in applying cosmetics. Different brands of cosmetics are there in cosmetic industry that keeps on manufacturing nee products for women and men but many people tend to choose Dior Cosmetic Products.

Dior beauty products are sold around the world with elegance and beauty. Product line of Dior brand includes lipsticks, eye shadows, creams and mascara. Dior cosmetics are good name of quality and last long. People who want to enhance beauty should go for Dior Cosmetics.

To get even, natural, fair and radiant complexion, you should apply Diorskin Eclat Doux compact function SPF 20. This cream gives best results for both normal and dry skin. It makes breathing easy for your skin and gives you a smooth touch. Its ingredients are also best for sun’s harmful rays.

Coup De Poudre Powder Shimmer Dior Eye Shadow is very light weight and lasts longer. You can also enhance beauty of your eyes use Dior eyeliner pencil. You are also advised to use mascara after applying eye shadow to get fine look.

People having short and thin eyelashes can get a changed look by applying DiorShow Waterproof Mascara. It is so fine that it doesn’t smudge even when tears come out of eyes or you swim. It has different colors in it and these colors include black, azure blue and chestnut. People with long and thick lashes can also use same product but they just need to do one coat of mascara.

Fairer complexion is the dream of every woman that will not be a dream by using Coup De Poudre Loose Powder Blush. Lips moisturizer is also available within this brand. Use High Shine Dior Lipstick to give brilliant spark to your lips. Try all these products and see best results.

Garnier Products for Facial Skin

Garnier products are considered as best for beauty. All its products are sold worldwide and liked by users. I saw a Garnier Products Kit in a beauty salon then I purchased one for my own. This kit contains Garnier Anti-puff eye roller, Skin Renew Radiance moisture cream, Garnier fairness cream, Garnier light fairness face wash, Garnier Exfoliating face wash and Garnier cleansing milk. All these products made good repute of my saloon and my clients became very much satisfied with my beauty treatments. Then I used to suggest Garnier products to all my clients.

I use Garnier Anti-puff eye roller to my clients who complain dark circles and it give best results. To hydrate and nourish skin, Skin Renew Radiance moisture cream is the best. My clients used this cream and reported that it results best than other skin care products. It doesn’t leaves face skin greacy. It should be applied on face and neck everyday. This cream is based on natural ingredients.

Garnier Light Fair face wash is very useful to cleanse skin and remove all impurities from skin. It is very good to get clear and radiant skin. Garnier Exfoliating face wash is very good for people having oily skin. It is best to remove excess oils and blackheads. It also prevents the oil fro appearing again. I suggest my clients having oily skin to apply it on face for best results.

Garnier Cleansing Milk with mango extracts and Vitamin E is best for removing makeup. It is very good to remove makeup from eyes, lips and face. Its ingredients nourish and soften the skin and give a smooth touch. It should be applied on face with gentle movements and removed with cotton wool.

Garnier Products are very much reliable and combine beauty with health. All women who are beauty conscious and care for their skin should use this brand of cosmetics. Garnier Products beauty kit contains all products that a woman needs to look beautiful.

Treatments of Sunburn

Sunburn is a very painful problem of summer season. People having fair skin are higher prone to get sunburn more than darker skinned people. Here are some useful and easy home remedies for treatment of sunburn.

You can have different types of burns for instance one type of sunburn is that your skin gets red and you feel pain. Next degree of sunburn is that you have water bubbles with red skin and pain. Next sewer degree of sunburn is that you have patches of white skin. It is the most dangerous problem of skin. If you are having this level of sunburn you should consult your physician immediately.

First two levels of sunburns can be treated using the home remedies shared below:

  • You can treat sunburn by placing cool compresses to the damaged skin. Avoid placing oil based products on burns. Oil based products on burns cause infections.
  • Take cool shower but avoid taking cold shower. Add some vinegar to water before taking shower. It will give you relief from sunburns.
  • Take roots section off the plant “Touch Me Not” and chop them into the blender. It will take out the itch.
  • Calamine lotion is also very useful to get relief from itch.
  • Potatoes are also very useful in getting relief from sunburn. Take potatoes and wash them. Cut them into small pieces and blend them. Juice of potatoes will take out all stings and itch from the damaged skin and give you relief.
  • Oatmeal pack is also very common and considered as best home remedy for treatment of sunburns. Let the cooked oatmeal become cool and apply the cold oatmeal on the sunburn and again take a shower to remove it.
  • Use Aloe Vera to add moisture to the burns.

Follow the above mentioned tips and get relief from sunburns.