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Flat Stomach Exercises

There are number of exercises that can be done to reduce weight and most of these exercises are very effective. Different levels of exercises help individuals to control weight. Success of an exercise depends on the rate of metabolism. Breathing exercise is becoming very common these days and people are adopting this exercise as a study has revealed that breathing exercises are best to increase rate of metabolism.

Breathing exercises are best to reduce weight and make an individual healthy. There are different breathing exercises that can be performed either in the supervision of a trainer or without any help. Yoga breathing exercises not only give spiritual benefits but they also give an advantage to loss weight.

Leg lifting is a very beneficial exercise to loss weight and to reduce belly fats. To do this exercise one should lie flat on his back on the ground with hands on sides and both palms should face on the ground. Bend the both knees and keep the feet flat on the floor. Now one leg should be lifted until the calf comes parallel to the ground shin towards ceiling. Keep the other leg on the floor and lower abdominal tightened so that the lower back may not arch while lifting the leg. Bring first leg back to its initial position and lift the other leg and repeat the procedure with this leg. Repeat the procedure for desired number of times.

This exercise is bets to remove excess fats in body and also helps to improve the look. Here is a video of alternate leg lifting exercise with special instructions. See the video and try the same.


Prevention of Dark Underarms

Many of you will be embarrassed to raise your arms with dark armpits. Many of you may also hesitate to wear sleeveless tops. Why is it so? There are many causes of dark underarms that causes beautiful faced people feel embarrassed. You must know the roots of the problems before you opt for solving it. These causes can include hair growth and hyper pigmentation etc. Here are useful tips for prevention of dark underarms.

  • First of all give up shaving method for hair removal as it is first cause to produce shadowy effect.
  • Avoid wearing tight cloths. You can wear tight dresses but not in routine.
  • Try to reduce your weight as over weight is also one of the caused of dark effects.
  • Baking soda or anti-fugal powder gives best results to reduce darkness in underarms.
  • Hair growth in underarms in natural therefore darkness in underarms is inevitable.
  • Try waxing for hair removal from underarms to prevent darkening. With shaving you just cut hair appearing on surface of your skin but not from the roots but wax does the best job and pulls out hair from roots with long lasting effects.
  • Waxing not only reduces darkness but it also lessens thickness of hair in underarms.
  • Make a paste of 1 tbsp curd, 1 tbsp gram flour, 1 tbsp milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply the mixture of these ingredients on underarms. Wait it to dry and wash with cold water. After it make a paste of rose water and sandalwood and apply it on your underarms.
  • Take lemon slices and scrub it on your underarms to lighten your dark underarms.
  • Potatoes are best remedy for dark underarms. Take slices of potato and rub the slices on your underarms.
  • Scrub coconut oil in your underarms to reduce darkness.

Follow any of the above mentioned tips on regular basis to reduce and prevent dark underarms.

Reduce Weight after Baby

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for any women but many women complain over weight after pregnancy and seem worried to obtain their pre-pregnancy shape and weight. Here are useful tips to lose weigh after baby and get same shape as before pregnancy. It needs to be very patient. If you are also a new mom, follow the tips shared below and be easy:

  • Keep in mind that you should not diet for the first three months after delivery and wait for returning your energy. After you regain your energy, start trying to reduce your weight.
  • Don’t think of celebrity moms who reduce weight instantly after baby. These moms are surrounded by different physicians, nurses and fitness experts. Don’t take them as good example for you to set your weight reducing goals.
  • Exercising very after pregnancy can harm your health therefore weight for six months after delivery and then start exercising. Gentle exercise after baby can be good but don’t start vigorous.
  • Breast feeding is necessary to lose weight after delivery as well as it is the basic need of your child to grow well.
  • You can start weight reducing exercises after 2-3 months after delivery but don’t leave eating nutritious diet.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day as it will prevent your body from dehydration.
  • Seek advice from your doctor before doing any diet change or exercising.
  • Some women overeat with an excuse of breast feeding. You need to control you from taking over diet because breast feeding can make you reduce weight but over eating will make you weight again.
  • Take proper sleep time of eight hours to shed pregnancy weight.

Suitable Height & Weight Schedule

Smart figure is the dream of all people. Men always like smartness in females and females look for fit body of men.  Healthy and smart figure can only be obtained by maintaining weights according to heights. If height is in best combination with weight then you can get dreamy figure. Here is a guideline for males and females to maintain their weight according to their height. Match your height and weight with this schedule and maintain yourself. Weight is given in Ponds in the given schedule.