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Useful Tips for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels look very odd and leave bad impression. Many people having tough routines suffer from this problem. It usually happens in winter season but some people have cracked heels even in summer season. Mostly people with age more than 25 have this problem but age factor is not the real cause of this problem. Heels are cracked due to the following reasons:

  • Excessive feet activity
  • Dry skin
  • Prolonged standing
  • Hard floors
  • Sandals with open backs
  • Diabetes and different skin problems etc.

This problem can easily be get rid of by using the tips given below:

  • Wear socks with closed backs shoes in routine days.
  • If you have to work in prolonged standings, try to wear closed ends shoes and select soft and easy wearing shoes.
  • Take some bearable hot water, add salt and Vaseline in this water and dip your feet in the mixture for half an hour and clean your heels with some rough stuffed cloth or a heel brush. Apply heels cream of Vaseline before going to sleep and leave the applied cream for whole night. You will feel better after some days.
  • Healthy diet is also necessary to cure cracked heels. Take proper diet enriched with calcium that includes milk, yogurt, fruits, meat and vegetables etc.
  • Apply mixture of glycerin and rose water on your heels for softer skin on daily basis.
  • Take concentrated lemon juice and dip your heels in this juice for 15 minutes. Don’t worry if it hits your cracks as it is acidic but it will give your better results.
  • Pure coconut oil is also very useful to cure cracked heels. It will give you soothing effects. You can also use creams that are manufactured with coconut oil.
  • Take some pure honey and apply thick layer on cracked heels. It will also prove as a best remedy for you.

Beauty Products for Daily Skin Care

There is no age limitation for women to take care of their skin. All women should take care of their skin as they do for their health. Taking care of skin, you will get thousands of benefits like well tended appearance etc. Taking skin care is not an easy task because it demands much care in selecting the beauty products for skin care. This discussion will serve as best guide to people regarding the selection of beauty products for daily skin care. All women should know about basic skin care products to select best ones. Some beauty products that are used on daily basis may include:

  • Cleansers
  • Moisturizers
  • Sunburn creams
  • Eye creams
  • Toners
  • Retinoid
  • Herbals


Cleaners are necessary to put out pollutants, dirt and sweat secretions that gather on skin throughout the day. Cleaners can be got in liquid or bar forms. Use branded beauty products for best results. Cleanse your skin on regular basis.


A good quality and branded moisturizer is a basic beauty product to moisturize and soften the dry skin. Use of moisturizers on skin prevents wrinkles. Moisturizers come in form of creams, lotions or oil forms. If you have intense dry skin then you should prefer oil based moisturizer. Cream and lotion like moisturizers are best choice for skin types prone to be dry. You should make a habit to apply moisturizer after taking a bath or clearance.

Sunburn Creams

These special creams protect skin from sunburns in summer and winter seasons. Extended direct exposure to sunlight causes skin damages and sunburn creams protect skin from these damages. People with fairer skin should be much conscious for their skin and apply sunburn creams.

Eye Creams

Skin around eyes is very sensitive and demands much care. Use eye creams to improve and protect this part of your skin. Eye creams are best to hydrate this area. Some eye creams also help to reduce dark circles around eyes.


Skin toner is a best beauty product that is best remedy for extra cleansing to combination or dry skin. It is better to avoid using toner for dry skin. Skin toners contain alcohol or acetone.


It is a beauty product based on Vitamin A. It is best for people having wrinkled skin.


Herbal antioxidants for instance green tea can be included as a compound of beauty products. Herbal skin care products are always considered as best.