Best Hair Styles to Hide Big Foreheads

A perfect hairstyle with bangs is a perfect way to hide a large forehead. These bangs can be quite versatile totally depends on your hair type. It is important that you should select a hair style which can minimize your high forehead and your overall facial shape looks well with this style. Typically bangs are used to minimize height of forehead but the bang should not be short and provide you offset forehead shape.

Side-Swept Bang

Side-swept bangs can cover a large part of your forehead. This hair style is suitable for those people who have high foreheads because it covers some area of eyes. Side swept bangs provide a wispy appearance to hairs and are often textured at ends. The hair is parted on the left or right of face and the bangs are touched over the forehead in the opposite direction of parts. Side-swept bangs go well virtually with all types of hairstyles and make them a universal option.

Straight Bang

These hairstyles minimize all foreheads entirely and bangs are brushed down and cut just under the eyebrow. This style is effective to cover top portion of face. This hairstyle is not suitable for angular features such as square or heart shape faces. This bang is perfectly suitable for oval shape faces. If you have a longer face then the straight bangs not only minimize your high foreheads but it also balance out proportion of your longitudinal face.

Layered Bang

This hair style is slightly different from side-swept bang because it is not necessary in this style that the bang must be around eyes. Layered bangs are varying in length and may be from eye length to chin length; it not only minimizes the forehead but also frame the shape of entire face. You can adjust the layer bangs by parting your hairs in any side like left, right and middle. This style can be adjusted with many hair cuts as it changes the volume of hairs.

The Bob

In this style hair cuts around chin length and the bangs are blunt, thick andstraight down. The length of bangs changes your look. This type of style changes your personality and provides a professional touch to your personality.


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