Beauty Guide for Women over 40

Have you reached above 40? Do you miss that compliments you received when you were 25? You can still look gorgeous and fresh as you looked when you were below 30 by following set of instructions shared below:

  • Never apply local beauty products on your face available in market.
  • Make sure to keep your skin hydrated because skin becomes drier with age growth so you should drink plenty of water to look fresher.
  • Keep your skin moist and lips wet to get youthful look.
  • Apply a moisturizer that will compliment your skin tone.
  • Don’t apply makeup in routine if you have dry skin.
  • Don’t use powder on your skin as it will look drier and matte.
  • You can use heavy foundation with even skin tone.
  • Apply makeup using proper brushes as right brush will help you in applying makeup more finely and easily.
  • Keep in touch with a professional beauty advisor to know exact needs of your skin.
  • You are advised not to keep your hair long if you are above 40.
  • If you change your hair color, you should also change your makeup.
  • Keep your eyebrows well shaped and avoid waxing after age of 40 as it can sometimes pull off you skin and cause much pain.
  • Make use of eye pencil to define your eyes in more proper manner.
  • Mix a foundation with liquid moisturizer if it is bit heavy.
  • Try a light reflecting foundation.
  • Apply the blush to cheeks of your face. Natural shades are more flattering than blond ones.
  • Apply lip balm on before you start makeup to give it time to set.
  • Eat healthy diet and don’t give up practice of morning walk and exercise.
  • Avoid using too much sharp colors.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sunita mittal on November 26, 2010 at 10:41 am

    i am loosing my hairs please tell me how to proper care of my hairs …..i am 41 &healthy


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