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Beauty Saloon Equipment

Seeking beauty is not an unusual desire. Appearance is of greater importance and beauty conscious people do often visits to beauty saloons. That is why home business of running a beauty saloon is a common trend these days. If you also want to start a beauty saloon, you need to arrange for certain things at a place. Specific beauty saloon equipments are of greater importance before starting a new beauty saloon or beauty parlor.

What equipments you need for your saloon solely depends on what type of saloon you want to open. Plan your budget and beauty equipments accordingly. Before you make any final decision for equipment consider two factors including comfort level and safety of clients.

List of Common Beauty Saloon Equipments

  • Saloon chairs are very important for customer’s comfort and safety and your ease while applying beauty treatments. Adjust the height of saloon chair according to your height so that you can easily follow the beauty procedures.
  • Arrange for wash basins for washing and cleaning purposes.
  • Different styling chairs are used for some beauty procedures. Think to arrange styling chairs if you have planned for such services.
  • Hair dryer is one of the basic equipments for providing hair services either cutting or styling of hair.
  • Arrange a supply trolley that is very helpful for beauticians while working.
  • Manicure set to provide treatments on legs, feet and nails.
  • Pedicure set that is very essential to provide beauty and care services.
  • If you think to provide hair washing services also then arrange a shampoo spray machine that will be useful during hair washing procedures.
  • Facial beds to be used for facials.
  • Hair steaming machine is also one of the basic equipments for the saloons providing hair styling and care services.
  • Kids chairs if you will provide kids beauty services.
  • Arrange towel warmers and sterilizers.

Arrange all these equipments with expertise in beauty procedures. Good luck for your new beauty saloon.