Tips for Spa Treatments

Spa is a great idea to revitalize your body and rejuvenate your soul. Spas are usually associated with mud baths, meditation classes and specially prepared cuisines. Spa centers are places where people get physical beauty treatments like facial, massage and other body treatments. Spa treatments give many benefits as it refreshes your body, restores vitality and uplifts the spirits. Going to professionals for Spa treatments may be costly for you therefore I am giving you some useful tip to do Spa treatments at home.

  • Home Spa massage is very different from parlor Spa massage. Basic requirement for Spa treatment is soothing environment. For Spa treatment at home you need to create such relaxing environment and set your mood for relaxation.
  • Home Spa treatment should be done with your partner. Finish all your tasks and put off your cell phone. Do massage in dim light. Light music will also be good to sooth your body and relax your mind.
  • Your partner should do your body massage softly and speak slowly.
  • You need sea salt, Epsom salt, baking soda, lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil for Spa exercise.
  • Fill your bathtub with warm water that is comfortable for you.
  • Add some bath salt and bubbles in your bathtub and take a bath.
  • To do hot stone massage you need to warm up stones in 120 to 150 degree water.
  • During the massage, put hot stones on your body and do body massage.
  • As the stone cools, replace them with warm stones and carry on the massage.
  • Leave hot stones in palm of your hands and on your belly and between your toes to enhance flow of energy.
  • For people having muscle injuries can use cold stone massage.
  • Use different types and sizes of stones and heat up them as heat help muscles release quickly.
  • Heat of stones and pressure should be bearable.

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