Homemade Sugaring Kits

Sugaring is a type of hair removal and it has been in practice for hundreds of years. This method of hair removal contains natural ingredients. Similar to waxing sugaring adheres to the hair not the skin and makes the hair removal process less paining. Sugaring solution can be made at home in very little cost. Here is a set of instructions that will help you in making sugaring kits at your home.

  • Take a lemon and cut it in two halves and squeeze the lemon in a bowl. Get out all juice from the lemon.
  • Take sugar and mix the sugar in that juice and make it lumpy in texture. Add honey and mix the honey and stir it with folk until unless the mixture becomes smooth.
  • Microwave the mixture on high temperature for one minute. Make it sure that the mixture is thick enough to spread on the skin for sugaring treatment for hair removal. It the mixture doesn’t gets warm in one minute give heat it up for another minute.

To make this sugaring kit at your home you will need following ingredients in suggested quantities that include:

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • One fourth cup of honey
  • Microwave bowl with a lid
  • Fork to stir the solution

You can store the mixture in refrigerator and reuse anytime after heating it.  For best results length of your hair should be ¼ to six millimeters long.


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